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workflow optimization made easy

Multichain/Single Restaurant

Easily manage your single or multiple outlet restaurants at centralized location

Flexible Menu Management

Easily ADD, EDIT, UPDATE, DELETE Restaurant menus with multiple rates and from next order start to use it.

KOT Management

Free yourself from headache of submitting KOT to kitchen each time with Our POS

Manage Expenses

Easily manage your daily expenses like petrol, electricity, etc which will be shown in reports.

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Frequently asked questions

The Top 10 Features Your Restaurant POS System Must Have
  • Speedy Interface and Quick Checkout. One of the most important features of a restaurant or bar POS is to have speed. …
  • Easy to Manage. …
  • Easy to Use. …
  • Inventory Control. …
  • Quality Reporting. …
  • Easy to Setup and Configure Menu. …
  • Table Management and Reservations. …
  • Comprehensive Training.

You mean, you don’t want to spend hours going back and forth manually inputting your POS data into accounting software? With a point of sale that integrates directly into accounting software, you can avoid the tedious manual entry – and inevitable errors that come along with that. Finding out the available accounting integrations available can save you many headaches – and accounting errors – in the long run. 

8 essential restaurant menu design tips
  1. Be aware of eye scanning patterns. …
  2. Divide the menu into logical sections. …
  3. Use photos sparingly. …
  4. Consider using illustration. …
  5. Don’t emphasize currency signs. …
  6. Consider using boxes. …
  7. Typography. …
  8. Choose appropriate colors.

The answer here should be, yes! Your restaurant POS should help with scheduling and labor insights, such as top performing staff and labor hours. Consider this: You’re trying to plan your holiday staff. You don’t want to overschedule, but you also don’t want to schedule too few people. As the holidays roll around, most days you’re either short-staffed or have extra servers waiting around. Either way, it’s less than ideal.

Your restaurant POS is packed full of valuable information, and your reports organize that information from you. The information you pull from these reports should give you valuable insights for running your restaurant and making more informed decisions, with insights in real time! 

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