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CropIn is an intuitive, intelligent, self-evolving system that delivers future-ready farming solutions to the entire agricultural sector. They deliver decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability, and sustainability to agri-businesses. With capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation, and insight that span across geographies, Cropin digitizing every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem. Their smarter Agri solutions are powered in real-time; for you to archive patterns, predict trends, to make a blueprint for your business in the times to come.

Currently, we are working for about 90+ Keywords for Cropin.

Target Location – Across the Globe (Mainly on Google.com, Europe, and some countries in Africa)



The main challenge we have faced is that the keywords we are working with having a very high search volume. Most of the keywords fall into the category of 1K – 10K.

The second challenge was sites need to be perfectly SEO-ready for High Search keywords. Which need very quick responsive and error-free works by Technical teams.

The third challenge is to receive the SEO Contents on time Every week to make the SEO process run smoothly.

When a site is error-free and from all the dimensions of the website is working perfectly, The challenge becomes much easier and the target comes closer too.


Luckily we have got a very very supportive and brilliant technical team which supports us in every requirement we asked for within minutes.

Also, received the SEO content very timely, which helps us to run the important SEO works smoothly and without any problems.

Although most of our Keywords have high search volume, we manage to get a 1st-page ranking for 80% of our total keywords.

And 20% of them are achieved Featured Ranking on Google.