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Better Inventory Accuracy

With solid inventory management, you know what’s in stock and order only the amount of inventory you need to meet demand.

Cost Savings

Stock costs money until it sells. Carrying costs include storage handling and transportation fees, insurance and employee salaries. Inventory is also at risk of theft, loss from natural disasters or obsolescence.

Reduced Risk of Overselling

Inventory management helps track what’s in stock and what’s on backorder, so you don’t oversell products.

Increased Profits

A better understanding of both availability and demand leads to higher inventory turnover, which leads to greater profits.

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Frequently asked questions

Inventory management is the process of ordering, handling, storing, and using a company’s
non-capitalized assets – AKA its inventory. For some businesses, this involves raw materials
and components, while others may only deal with finished stock items ready for sale.

The role of inventory management is to maintain a desired stock level of specific products or items. The desired level is a function of customer service requirements and the cost of inventory investment.

Average inventory formula: Take your beginning inventory for a given period of time (usually a month). Add that number to your end of period inventory (month, season, or year), and then divide by 2 (or 7, 13, etc). (Beginning of Month Inventory + End of Month Inventory) ÷ 2 = Average Inventory (Month)

Stock control is important because if high risk food is kept too long, even under favourable conditions, harmful bacteria may multiply. Additionally, even foods with a longer shelf life, whether dried, tinned or frozen, may deteriorate if they are kept for too long.

Stock Controller responsibilities include tracking shipments, overseeing inventory audits and maintaining reports of purchases and pricing. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with supply chain procedures and have good communication skills to interact with vendors, clients and internal teams.

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