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Liquor Management

It’s way easier to manage your liquor department with Bar Manager.

Digital Menu

Easily ADD, EDIT, UPDATE your menus and from next order start to use it.

Cost & Stock

You can easily check current stock and also set alerts for minimum stock.

Bill Seperation

Easily separate your food and drinks bills for customer satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

bar point-of-sale (POSsystem is a software and hardware tool that takes customer orders, processes payments, tracks sales, and analyzes your bar’s performance metrics. Bars specifically need POS systems that pre-authorize credit cards, manage bar tabs, and track cash transactions.

POS system testing is the process of software testing retail domains to confirm that the Point of Sales software is ready for market. In addition to executing POS test cases through a web app, QA engineers and retail software testing services are able to carry out reliable POS automation testing.

  • Manage Inventory. One of, if not the, most important things a bar manager does is decide what beverages to order based on what’s been sold. …
  • Hire, Train, and Oversee Staff. …
  • Lead by Example. …
  • Lead Operations. …
  • Ensure Bar Cleanliness and Safety. …
  • Conduct Marketing. …
  • Maintain a Budget. …
  • Build Relationships with Clientele
  • What features are important? Every business has special needs when it comes to a POS system, so before you start looking for specific brands or products, make a list of features that your business needs. …
  • What’s the cost? …
  • Is it user-friendly? …
  • What kind of data is accessible? …
  • What’s the mobile capacity? …
  • Wrap up.
Sample Test Cases for POS used in Retail
  1. Test the entry of items purchased by a customer is correct.
  2. Test discounts are applied correctly.
  3. Verify store value cards can be used.
  4. Check petty cash management works as expected.
  5. Check totals and closings match.
  6. Check cash drawer loans are handled properly.

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